Overnight Camps

Tap into their imaginations

Step out of your comfort zone.

At Overnight Camp at YMCA Camp Copneconic, kids learn the value of friendship, and develop lasting memories in this special lake-side community. In this day and age, camp is more relevant than ever. There’s something so special about being immersed in nature, away from technology and the stresses of life that are inherent in our everyday endeavors.

Our Overnight Camp Program runs weekly sessions, all set with a theme. These give our campers an opportunity to tap into their imaginations and put them to good use. Fighting the evil dragon, helping the cowboys wrangle up the bandits, chasing celebrities for autographs, and searching for an alien spacecraft are all too familiar endeavors in a week of overnight camp. During their week, campers experience more than just the activities, they experience their troubles and insecurities washing away. They feel a sense of belonging and camaraderie when traveling with their cabin, and discover things about themselves they never knew before. In our exciting, intentional, safe and nurturing camp environment, youth learn the importance of good character all while making lasting friendships and memories.

Classic Overnight Camps

Each week is set with a different theme allowing campers to use their imaginations whether it is capturing the evil sheriff, warding off a mysterious wizard, or searching for ancient clues to help save camp!

Specialty Overnight Camps

Whether your child is interested in sports, art, or just good ole’ adventure, Specialty Camps provide campers with a more in-depth experience in a particular area of interest.

Partner Overnight Camps

Working with local, regional, and national groups we’ve created an experience as unique as the campers who attend.

Dates and Rates

Find all of our overnight programs listed with their respective dates and rates.