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OEE Programs - Outdoor & Environmental Education

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Turn your classroom inside out!

Looking for ways to energize your students? Are you looking for programs that compliment your curriculum in the classroom? Are you trying to help your students strengthen their connection with nature while developing healthy relationships with their fellow students? YMCA Camp Copneconic is devoted to helping schools educate students through building an appreciation for the natural world and strengthening cooperative/group interaction skills.

Camp Copneconic also provides a character-building program that promotes caring, responsibility, respect, and honesty among students who become immersed in team and experiential based programming. Our program is uniquely designed to accomplish the following:

  • Provide a hands-on, safe and fun educational experience in a natural environment.
  • Strengthen the relationship between students and between teachers and students.
  • Promote within students a greater sense of independence and respect.
  • Enable and encourage students to understand and experience the relationships between themselves and the natural environment.

Note: *Please be assured that Camp Copneconic’s water supply is based on a private system and is NOT connected to the Flint water supply.  Furthermore, in accordance to licensing and health department guidelines, camp’s water is regulated and tested on a consistent basis.  We hope this alleviates any concerns you may have.

OEE Programs – Outdoor & Environmental Education
Providing teachers a medley of options to support instructional learning.
Adventure Learning Programs
Developing your students into effective leaders and visionaries through engaging activities.