Don’t forget your socks.

The beautiful rustic wilderness of Camp Copneconic is the perfect space for adventures in the woods, swimming in pristine waters, and enjoying s’mores over the campfire. It’s not so great for electronic devices. Check out the list of what to (and not) bring with you to camp.

What to Expect

Each week is set with a different theme allowing campers to use their imaginations whether it is capturing the evil sheriff, warding off a mysterious wizard, or searching for ancient clues to help save camp!


On Sunday of your session, check in will take place between 1pm-3pm. When you arrive, you’ll be directed to park in the main parking area and staff will ask you to leave your camper’s gear in the vehicle.

From there, you’ll report to the main dining hall and visit various stations to ensure all your paperwork is turned in and up to date, as well as to talk with our health and safety staff should you need to turn in any medication. You’ll also have a chance to add money to your camper’s trading post (camp store) account, as well as order a cabin and/or all camp photo.

Following check in, you’ll head back to your vehicle to either drive closer to your child’s cabin or grab their gear and walk to the cabin to meet your child’s counselors and see where they’ll be staying for the week. You’ll then have time to get your camper’s bed made and give them a big hug and a kiss goodbye for the week!

If you’d then like to sneak back to the Welcome Center to drop off any letters or packages to be delivered to your camper during the week, you can drop them in the pre-labeled bins for which day you’d like them delivered. Please do not send any food, each session we have campers with special diets and different allergies, so to ensure their safety we have a “no outside food” policy. It also helps to us to keep critters out of the cabins!


During the week, parents can log in to their camp in touch account to see photos from the session. You can also purchase “Camp Stamps” which are credits to send your camper emails during their stay. This is a one-way service, so they are not able to email back to you. Credits can be shared with other family members as well and they do not expire.

From time to time during sessions we post on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter updates about the week or photos. You can follow us on social media to see any updates that may be posted.


On the last day of the session, campers will pack up their belongings and have them ready to be picked up from the cabin at departure time.

When you arrive on the last day of the session, you will be directed where to park and then directed to check out:

Campers attending ranch camp will have a week ending rodeo which will begin at 1:30pm. Parents will want to arrive at 1:15pm to get parked and into the stands to be ready for the start of the show. Following the show, parents will sign out their campers with the ranch staff. They’ll ask for photo identification to check out your child.

All other overnight camp parents will arrive at 3pm to start the check-out process. You’ll be directed to the main dining hall to show your photo identification to check out your camper. At 3:15pm we’ll show a week ending slideshow for the campers and their families. At 3:30pm we will dismiss campers back to their cabins. Once they are out of the dining hall we’ll dismiss families to pick up their camper. We then invite all families back to the dining hall for an ice cream social with our staff and other camper families.

Preparing for Camp


All campers will stay on bunk bed style beds. Some kids bring a bottom sheet and sleeping bag, some kids bring sheets and blankets. It’s up to you what you prefer.

Camp Copneconic has a mix of rustic and modern cabins, so not all cabins have bathrooms in the building. Shower & restroom facilities are a short walk to a lodge if your camper is staying in a building without them.


Each week has a fun theme and one evening program will be a theme event. Your camper is welcome to bring a costume or accessories for the theme if they want to dress up for the event.


Please help us to help your child unplug for the week of camp. We ask that kids not bring cell phones to camp. Please don’t set the expectation that it is okay to break the rules by sneaking a cell phone into their luggage. Camp can be an immersive experience, but kids can be deprived of that experience if they feel tethered to home by a cell phone. If you’re worried they won’t have a way to reach you, explain to them that if they’re feeling homesick or not having a fun time, they need to speak honestly with their counselor or another staff member at camp so we can address their needs and concerns.


The Overnight Camp Parent Guide contains a complete list of “What to Bring” and “What Not to Bring” as well as other helpful information as you prepare for your camp session.

Health & Safety

Your child’s health and wellness is our number one concern. To that end, the Health and Wellness Center opened Summer 2014 to provide the most up-to-date and comprehensive care available to our campers. And although it does not happen often, bumps and bruises do happen at camp. In case of more serious injuries our camp is given priority status at local Hurley Children’s Hospital to make sure your children get prompt, professional care.